Tea bag holder

the jumble of teas was a mess so a set of boxes to tidy them up was needed

i ordered some fill your own tea bags to sort the loose leaf teas and made and labelled the tags with paper scraps.


For the holder

1 sheet  craft card plus 11cm square craft card

2 sheets 8×8 inch scrapbook paper, I used Bohemian dreams from craftwork cards

scalpel, glue and roll of red liner tape

lay the sheet landscape in front of you and score at 7, 14, 21 and 28 cm down then 4 cm across. Cut out the tiddly corner and cut up the bottoms as shown to create the base flaps. Place the tape roll on one of the panels at the bottom crease and scalpel inside it to create the opening


on the square card score around at 2 cm and cut one side of each of the corners as shown. I find it tidier to cut a tiny wedge out of these snips to make folding neater.



tape the boxes with red liner to keep them secure, tape the half moon flap to the base for extra stability and cover the outside panels with paper that is just a bit smaller  to create a mat effect



Pyrography, done?


Another craft ticked off the list.

a piece of driftwood, my hot fix tool and I have established that if we ever need a new house sign, this is do-able.

ideally I would have a thin tip to draw with but my method works:

sketch the the word or design with an erasable pen, I used a friction one. Make dots by tapping the hot tip along the traced lines and repeat so that the dots join up. I sealed the finished piece with mod pudge