Advent makes

The task I set myself was to craft each day through December to give the husband a daily gift. These were the most successful

 ipad/ iphone stand


These are so easy , we later made a bunch for a charity project  – instructions originated from   * but we tweaked it by using;


  • 12″ x 9″ fabric piece (sized up to make an ipad stand  to about 20″ x 15″)
  • circle of contrast fabric  and button to make yoyo to cover handsewn piece
  • sewing machine and co-ordinating cotton
  • strip of thick cardboard 1 3/4″ x 5 x 3/4″ (sized up for bigged versions) rather than Pellon
  • rice or gravel to weight it and finished with wadding/old pillow fill

How to (*simpler method since discovered on Sew Easy using her You Tube video)

(she explains it brilliantly on factotum of arts) but basically lay fabric out landscape, fold in half (right side inside) so it becomes portrait

sew the top  seam (leaving a stuffing gap of about an inch and a half) and then all the way down the open side

turn the fabric so the side seam is in the middle facing you and the top forms two triangle ‘ears’

sew along the bottom  edge (leaving another stuffing gap) then turn the fabric right sides out

3 inches from the  bottom sew a horizontal line then push the cardboard through the botton gap and up against it your horizon then  sew another line close below the cardboard to form a wedge that your phone will sit in.

stuff the bottom section with as much wadding as you can get in below your wedge then slip stitch the gap

stuff the top with rice about 3/4 full (if you cut the top from a water bottle to make a wide funnel it reduces the mess) then finish off with wadding to make a pyramid-ish shape

slip stitch the gap then create a yoyo flower and fix over with a button or hot glue gun as you prefer

To make a yoyo flower

On the back of your contrast fabric trace a circle around a jar or plate – your finished flower will be about half the size of the circle. You can use a pencil if you trace on the wrong side and then cut on or just inside the line.

With a needle threaded with a long piece of  thread run a line of tacking stitches around the circle just inside the edge. When you are back at the start gently pull both ends of your cotton until the circle puffs in on itself then sew over the end or tie the ends firmly to fix your yoyo




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