No more paper serviettes?

Vintage sheeting and duvet covers have been repurposed as everyday napkins as part of the effort to reduce the rubbish.

Thanks to the Crafty Gemini I also made a hemming guide which improved the accuracy of my hems and saved a few finger burns. this is just a piece of card with quarter inch lines marked in permanent ink that you butt up to the fabric edge when ironing to get a straight and measured seam. This makes mitred  corners easy too.

However, I can foresee the ironing basket full of napkins waiting for my attention so maybe the paper version might still come into service sometimes.


Grown up snowball

Screenshot 2018-12-23 at 12.24.42  yummy but dangerously strong …



6 egg yolks, 1 can condensed milk, 1 teaspoon vanilla essence, 350 ml vodka (or brandy), lemonade

whisk the milk, then the essence then the vodka into the egg yolks – decant into small bottles and chill until ready to tipple


(this quantity made some little gifts but bear in  mind that without preservatives this has a limited life)

then pour a measure into a champagne glass and dilute with lemonade

Screenshot 2018-12-23 at 12.24.07snowballs from my childhood (we drank them made with Warninks which is 17.2% alcohol, really!? well it was only once a year…) were topped with a glace cherry on stick but a little grated nutmeg looks good

for a wicked version replace the lemonade with sparkling wine (don’t waste good stuff on this)




Felt fun Friday



The fun with felt felt day started with me trying to use up scraps from my Santa napkins…



And then I found I had some mixed media tag dies as a bonus in an order from crafters companion… fifty tags as embellishments are now in the wrapping resource box!

Then I found that some of my ordinary dies cut felt as well as paper ( the outline ones anyway)


And a flock of French hens, turtle doves or partridges are now being cut, glued and stitched as tree decoration gifts…


Santa napkins


A fun felt and glue project …

Many  years ago my mother in law made us some Santa napkins. Hers were rolled hem red sheeting and Santa was sewn from fun fur with felt and google eyes. We use them every year and I wanted to spread with joy without making napkins, so a version using paper serviettes and felt was born.

her version has a triangular beard and straight top head but I preferred a combination of outlines I found on pinterest so drew this stencil with a 7 inch band. Felt is forgiving so have a go and scribble out your own version, but keep it simple enough to cut out cleanly.

To make…

trace your stencil onto white felt (thicker is better if you can find a roll of quality felt), I reversed my stencil to get some variation in beard direction

cut it out inside your trace lines so they don’t show on the finished version

cut a piece of flesh tone felt and hot glue it behind the face gap – I suggest you hold the felt with tweezers to avoid glue burns and help be precise-ish, tweezers also pull off any glue strands

hot glue on a red mini Pom Pom for the nose and googly eyes in a characterful position, tweezers again most useful

I added pinking shear cut felt strips as a moustache and tiny pieces for eyebrows then glued the band into a loop with about a one inch overlap

some people embroider on names or add other embellishments… I like this clean and simple version

If gifting a set of these include spare red serviettes to encourage reuse.



Infinity scarf (twisted)

A long standing ‘to-do’ is finally done.  It was so quick and easy I am inspired to make more.

This is another simple sew where you cut a long rectangle of  fabric – here I used some Ikea fleece which I love as it is so forgiving.

I cut nearly 60 inches long (could have done with being 70 inches for less stretchy fabric) and 20 inches wide. I folded it in half (right sides in if the fabric isn’t double sided and then sewed a half inch seam down the long side leaving about four inches and top and bottom open.

I turned it right side out and twisted the tube once before matching up the short ends and sewing the ends together with a similar half inch seam. It works because you’ve left the four inch gaps, but if you get confused there are multiple ‘you tube’ tutorials to demonstrate how easy it is.

Pull the fabric straight and then machine or hand stitch the four inch gaps together (on fleece the stitches disappear) to finish the project off.

Tip: Apparently very long scarves which can be wound round multiple times are popular with younger wearers…